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Welcome to Dollie Dreamer :)

Welcome to Dollie Dreamer, doll hobby blog :)

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.::.My Dolls (Not at Home Yet).::.
Fairyland Mnf Erda Boy- Celestian
Fairyland Mnf Miyu Girl-Serenity
Luts Kdf Bory Human Centaur Boy Unicorn in RSB-Levi
Luts Kdf Yul Human Satyr Boy- ???
Luts Delf Miyu- ???
Luts SDF 65 Carmine Boy Romance- ???


.::.On the Way/Layaway.::.
FL Mnf Erda FS Human- Ordered: DDE 3/1/2020
FL Mnf Miyu in NS- Paymnt: 1/5
Luts Bory Romance Unicorn in RSB- Paymnt: 1/3
Luts Yul Romance Satyr in NS- Paymnt: 1/2
Luts Delf Miyu in NS- Paymnt: 1/4
Luts SDF 65 Carmine Romance Head in NS- Paymnt: 3/4
About to be on layaway:

Luts Yul Girl Full Set- Payment: 0/4

.::.Future Doll Wish List.::.
FL F60 Erda in NS
***FL Mnf Woosoo Human or Vampire in NS
***Luts SDelf65 Male Type 2 Slim Body
***Luts MDF Slim Type Body in NS
***Luts MDF Slim Type Body in RSB
***Tiny Delf LuLu in RSB Type A Boy
***Tiny Delf Gretel in RSB Girl
***Tiny Delf Dorthy in WS Girl
***Tiny Delf Alice in TS or NS Girl (Elf or Human)
Tiny Delf LuLu in NS Type B Boy
Tiny Delf Hansel in NS Girl
Luts Delf JunHa in NS
Luts SDF65 Bory or Green in NS
Luts Delf Breeze in RSB
FL Mnf Cutie Bust/Moe Body Hybrid
Luts KDF Kelp Romantic Head
Soom Faery Legend Aenigma – Spider Sprite

***-Wanted right away--Please let me know if you have one available for me to purchase!

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Short Overview of MSD Dolls

Okay, so here is a quick run down of my incoming MSD dolls (including sculpts and makers, but also a short bio for each). I am excited to start on making them into the characters I have envisioned for them!!

The Dragon and the Deer :)

Fairyland FL Erda Full Set (Fairyland's Image)
Fairyland FL Erda Full Set (Fairyland's Image)

Maker: Fairyland

Sculpt: Minifee/Fairyline Erda Human Full Set (with horns)

Name: Celestian

Age: 25

Bio:  Prince and future leader of the Dragon Clan Kingdom, he is aloof and seems cold, raised by his parents to be a "hard" future leader. He has one twin sister, named Celeste (which I hope to shell her into a doll and character someday). He never really had a true enjoyable childhood, as he was always expected to act like an adult and make leader-type decisions. Never treated as a child and always treated like an adult with high expectations. He is highly skilled in swordsmanship and martial arts, as well as strategical thinking. He enjoys reading and playing games of chess, as well. He does have one childhood friend, now his best friend, that he can be his "true" self around and relax a bit. His name is Levi and is the son and crown prince of the neighboring Kingdom, the Centaur Clan. Celestian really cares about his future Kingdom and considers the union made with Serenity, his future bride, and her Kingdom a necessity to strengthen their alliance.

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Pictures of Incoming Dollies!

Here are a few pictures of the dolls I have incoming (on layaway)! Along with a description underneath the photos discussing some future plans. :) (Warning-Image heavy)

Her is the default image from the seller of my incoming Delf Miyu. I'm hoping I can get some of the yellowing out by boiling her. I will also be redoing her faceup. Super excited to have a Miyu again!
Her is the default image from the seller of my incoming Delf Miyu. I'm hoping I can get some of the yellowing out by boiling her. I will also be redoing her faceup. Super excited to have a Miyu again!
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Spirited Away Girl and Dragon Boy


Hello, hello, is this mic working?


Guys, I'm officially BACK!! 

Due to moving into a new home, completing my second Master's degree (yes, SECOND!), and a new career (3rd year now) as an elementary school teacher, a lot has happened that has kept me from enjoying the doll hobby! It got so overwhelming (teaching is hard, and times that level of difficulty by 100 when you are teaching and pursuing a Master's degree at the same time!) that I had to sell all my prized dolls and honestly, with a lot of my fave doll hobbyists leaving the hobby, I thought I was out too.

Fast forward to a week ago when my phone wants to show me a photo of my old MNF Miyu, Serenity. (Goodness, I hate that I sold her). That led me down a pathway of thinking it would be nice to have a doll again. Then suddenly, it's 3am and I'm clicking on everything doll related and even skimming through the marketplace at DOA one page at a time. And then, it hit me. Carmine on Luts was beautiful (the romance head) and I get hit with a double-whammy: Fairyland Minifee Erda full package, oh my! Boy oh boy, is he handsome!

I was talking to my husband about it and since my bday is coming up, he said I could pre-order the doll. Hip! Hip! Hooray! So, I DID! I ordered my Erda through DDE on 3/1/2020 and I am excitedly in the *nesting* phase. I'm drawing him, writing about who his character is, and creating a story line. 

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I'm Alive!, apparently I am alive and haven't posted in a little over 2 years. Kind of sad, really. Long story short, I quit my job that I had that paid good money, might I add, lol, and went back to college to become an elementary school teacher. 

It was a scary decision, but definitely the right one. This past August, I became a 3rd grade Literacy teacher, and life has been an adventure ever since. Anyway, to help pay for college, and the fact I barely made any money at my side job, I had to get out of the doll hobby completely. At the time, I was full of woe but I knew it had to be done. So I sold everything, including all shoes, wigs, eyes, and props.

It makes me uber depressed thinking about it. Anyway, I finished school this past May (I am currently taking Master courses online and will officially be done with them this coming May) and I have been dreaming about dolls again.

I REALLY miss my precious MNF Miyu, Serenity, along with my sweet Bory boy in TS. Gosh. They were my FAVE dolls and it was amazing seeing them become the things I wanted them to be. I also regret selling my beautiful F60 Moe Miyu and Elf Celine head. What the heck was I thinking??? Heaven only knows.

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My Neighbor Totoro Umbrella

Cool "Stampbook" to Do :)

So I saw this "Minifee Stampbook" on Bulletbanq's Flickr and decided to try it for myself :)

I put a lavender square around each of the minifees I have owned in the past, now own, or have on layaway.


The only one I still have now is Luka and Miyu, and I have a Woosoo and a Mika on the way lol.

The ones I regret not owning anymore (and may one day own again) are Rix and Rheia, and maybe Karsh. I regretted selling my Luka and my Woosoo as well, hence why I own them again :)

I would love to own a Eliya, an El, a Kyle, Ante, and a Rin or Risse. I think I would like to have an F60 Mirwen at one point as well.

I have also owned Rheia 3x, Celine 2x, and Chloe 2x. OMG. I have a problem. Lol

If you would like to do this, go to Bulletsbanq's post here:

The directions are there.
Be sure to link back to the owner! :)

Thanks for looking! :)

Have a good day!
Sophi and Howl Crow Hug

I'm Officially Doll Crazy...

If I was a millionaire, I would have a doll room just full of dolls. But, I'm not. So all this doll buying has got to come to an end sometime, Leisha! I must tell myself to sloooowwww dooowwwnnn lol.

Anyway, quick recap of dolls I am buying/have on layaway (to help me stay organized and focused):

-Luts Kid Delf Yul Girl
-Soom Faery Legend Crow
-Fairyland FM60 Celine Elf
-Fairyland Mnf M-Line Mika TS Boy
-Fairyland Mnf M-Line Woosoo Girl

Pretty excited and ready to get them all paid off and home as quick as possible! I made an ordered image for my Flickr for my newest DDE order, so I will post it below:

Just Ordered!

So, I have been thinking more and more not only about my Mnf Mika's story, but also my FM60 Celine Elf's story. I have never really tried having an SD sized couple (I have never had a boy SD and a girl SD at the same time), so I have been thinking about one day getting a sd boy for my FM60 Celine.

I went to several sites, including Soom, Crobidoll and Migidoll. I really liked Yujin and Ell from Migidoll, but they are not going to be sold anymore. Well, I was curious about a new girl my friend Lorti on Youtube is getting, and went over to Supiadoll to check her out :)
And then boom, there he was, the man of my Celine girl's dreams!! Jacob!! :D I love love love his face, especially his elf ears and nose! So adorable! The biggest doll I will ever own! So, I am putting him on a 6 payment layaway this Friday! I know, I know, crazy right? Another layaway to add to my already extensive list of dolls I am paying off. *smh* I don't care though, I am just happy :)

I am doing 6 month so the min requirement for payment each month won't be very much. I will definitely have him paid off quicker than 6 months, just didn't want to have to pay a huge down payment lol. So, yeah, I'm pretty excited :) I can't wait to open his box and pose him with my Celine girl!! Ahhh! So amazing!! :D

To see some awesome pics of him from the company website, click Collapse )

I love him in Tan Skin, but I think I am going to get him in Normal skin. Ahhh, I really can't decide after looking at the tan skin pictures though. I guess I will just have to make a final decision on that when Friday gets here :) Can't wait! :D

In real life news, I actually have a couple other layaways. *smacks head* Yeah, I know. Makes me sick too lol! But, it is a huge mantle piece for my fireplace in my new house and a huge vintage chandelier :) I'm pretty excited about both! Don't really wanna talk about the new house much though. Still waiting on payment for the house we are selling, so we are kind of in a limbo right now. *sigh*

Anyways, here is to dolls, good news, and new things!

Have a great day! :)

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Major Updates! :)

So... alot has happened in just a few days lol. I am on a mental freak out lol!

Okay, so I wasn't able to get the Centaur body for my Levi (Luts Kid Delf Bory Centaur Unicorn Human VS), which was disappointing. The seller never messaged me back, and now the thread is gone. Sellers need to learn proper etiquette when selling an item. Message back all interested persons, even if it is just to say, "I'm sorry, but it is sold." Sheesh. These youngin's lol. (I am almost 30, so I don't consider myself young anymore in case anyone was wondering lol).

Anyway, I guess it was a good thing because something even more amazing happened. I put a FL Feeple 60 Moe body and Celine Elf head on layaway!! Ahhhhh!! It is so amazing! I didn't think I would have an SD sized doll back in my life so soon! But I have always been in love with the F60 Moe body ever since Fairyland released them, but I never liked the sculpts (Only had Chloe, Rin, Celine and Mirwen). I actually like the Mirwen, and I have had a F60 Chloe before, but Mirwen is too real-life with too small of eyes and I never was able to bond with the Chloe sculpt in Minifee or F60 size. I have really been wanting a Rona, (I know, I know, I should have never sold my Rona heads...twice *smh*) but haven't lucked out in finding one. Then, low and behold, a Celine Elf head popped up on the Marketplace on DoA and I was smitten!! Totally in love :) I follow Genie617 (I think that's the correct handle) on Flickr, and I love how natural looking she made her F60 Celine. So simple and the eye makeup is not overdone like the default faceups are. So, when I get her in, I am going to try to commission a faceup by her :)

*Sigh* I am so in love and I can't wait to have her paid off and in my arms :) Yay, finally a SD elf girl! I am so excited!! XD

I feel like the Soom Faery Legend dolls will be a part of her story, but I will have to work on it some more. I need to start making a list of all that I need for her lol! I will have an Lj-cut at the bottom of this post of everything I am planning on buying in the (hopefully) near future for my dolls :) Just in case you wanna read, but in an LJ-cut so it won't annoy anyone with the length lol.

Anyway, that is not all what happened. And this is the thing I am really freaking out about! I put on layaway a Fairyland Mnf Mika Moe Boy in Tan Skin and a Fairyland Mnf Woosoo Girl in Normal Skin today through DDE (Denver Doll Emporium). I just can't even wrap my mind around what I have just done. Have I gone mad? Doll crazy much?? But, before you judge me, let me explain why I did the things I did lol!

So, I was on the Marketplace today (I know, it's already leading to something bad lol, I really need to learn how to stay away from that thread! lol) and I wanted to look at the recently graveyarded dolls. (I haven't been on in a few days due to the weekend and wanted to catch up with what had been sold and what was still available). Anyway, I am moseying along through the graveyard thread clicking on random things, when I click on a TS Mika thread. OMG. His faceup was beautiful! I was just amazed how a faceup can just change the whole "mood" of a sculpt! What I had been seeing of the Mika's were girly boys. Of course, Fairyland made them like that, and I don't have a problem with it, it's just there are not characters ever in my stories that are girly boys. Just the tall, dark, moody and mysterious type of boys lol. And that is precisely what this Mika in Tan Skin was!!! I was like AHHHH, this sculpt is so amazing, how did I not see this before?? And I was smitten lol!

So, yeah, I am going to try to get him and my Kid Delf Bory Centaur proper faceups once he comes in. Anyway, I went to Fairyland's website and looked at the pictures on the image blog of the Moe boy body (I wasn't sure what body I wanted for him) and looked at the full set images of him and Mir (wanted to make sure I wanted the Mika sculpt). I definitely want the Mika sculpt. And I have never really liked the boy bodies of the Fairyland boy minifees. Too mature for the faces. That's why I really love my Kid Delf Bory. His body is amazing, not too muscly and big, but yet, not too skinny either. And so that is why I decided to go with the Moe boy body. And I am so excited about my decision! :)

And, while I was at it, I wanted to go ahead and get an M-line body like I have been wanting. Technically, I have been wanting a hybrid M-line body with a cutie or small bust. But maybe I can trade for one later on. Anyway, since the price between a full minifee and a minifee body wasn't much difference, I went ahead and got a Woosoo head with faceup too :) Seeing how I want a Woosoo sculpt anyways :)

So those are my new additions to my (used to be little) doll family :) Still lots to do and lots to pay off! Here is to paying them off soon! *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I was going to wait on ordering the Mika boy and M-line girl body, but come to find out, Tan skin is only offered during the Winter event season. And guess what? Today was the last day!! Ugh stupid Fairyland, making me succumb to your wishes and giving you money I don't have :( lol. But, it will all be worth it in the end. :P I also scored an event head, the F60 Rin Dreaming Elf head! :D Maybe another character? We will see ;)

I have already started working on my Mika's story too :) I want him to be a part of Serenity, Levi and my Luka's story as well. I am going to commission for him a black fur wig from my favorite fur wig seller on DoA and commission a black cat tail and furry cat ears from Sparrow's Shop on Etsy :) I am pretty freaking excited :) His face is just made a little sly, just like a cat! So he and my Luka will be paired up (much to her dismay, I'm sure lol), opposite my Serenity and Levi. More about their story later :)

It feels so good to have fantasy characters. I have always tried to force my characters/dolls into modern story lines, and they never were inspiring enough to keep with it. Then I would eventually sell the dolls and move on to something else. And let's face it, Serenity was always too ethereal looking to be modern! Always was a fantasy character, I just never allowed myself to dream :)

The Minifee Ante sculpt has captured my eye as well, but it will be a few months before I do anything else this big in the hobby lol. Gotta rescue my wallet and pay all of these babies off!

Thankfully, my Minifee body for Serenity is finally paid off, whoop whoop! :) The seller will be shipping her Tuesday or Wed, and since she only lives a state over from me, I imagine I will be getting her no later than Saturday! (Yay!) :D

Well, enough blabbing from me. Sorry to talk everyone's ears off lol. The lj-cut of what I will be saving to buy for my dolls is below, if curious :)

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Have a great night and an awesome week everyone!


A Day's Wages...

Today is going good :)

I was a little disheartened yesterday, though. I must say, the stress of selling and buying a house overwhelmed me a bit yesterday. I had a sour attitude for most of the night. (Shame on me). But, I got a lot of it out and today I am 80% lol.

I almost got the chance to buy a Hybrid Moe with Small bust Woosoo girl off of the Marketplace. She was so gorgeous! And I had just missed out on her :(

Sad, but the seller was so nice to me, so it was bittersweet. Definitely putting Woosoo back on my WTB list for the future lol.

In other news, a few more days and my Minifee Body for my sweet Miyu, Serenity, will be paid off!! *happy dance* I can't wait for her to be a full doll again! I miss her so much! I have to take tons of pictures of her, for sure!! Lol.

Also, Denaliwind got back with me, and once she finishes the commissions she has, she will let me send her my Miyu, my Miyu sleeping head and my Luka head. I'm pretty excited about it! :)

About the Luka head. I had her faceup all complete, and the eyelashes and everything about it was pretty (in my humble opinion) and just the way I envisioned it! Then I put in her eyes, and ruined the eyelashes. Turns out, she wears size 14 mm eyes, and I only have 16mm. Grrrr.

Once I have the time to sit down with her head again and fix her eyelashes and eyeliner, I will take pics. I am going to try to order her some eyes sometime when I have the chance.

On other dollie news, I received my Icy (Blythe-like) Doll from Princess Tomato (aka Sara) and I am so happy with her! She is utterly adorable! I will definitely have to buy her some more clothes, shoes, cardigans, hats and dresses, for sure! I can't wait to dress her up! I also wanna order some more eyechips and hair so I can try some different looks with her. Although, everything about her is just gorgeous how she is! :) Couldn't be happier with her! Such a sweetie :)

Just Got Her In :)

Anyways, hope my days get better and I hope yall have a good weekend!